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  • The little millet grain is an excellent grain for all age groups that contains nearly 2.5 times as many minerals, 38 times as much fibre, and nearly 13 times as much iron as rice.
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Description :

  • Little millet is rich in fibre, protein, and iron in addition to carbohydrate.
  • It contains a lesser amount of carbohydrates and is abundant in Thiamin (Vitamin B1), which is absent in rice and wheat.

Uses :

  • Make multiple dishes for babies, including cheelas, dosas, and idlis.
  • Benefits : It helps to prevent constipation & heals all the problems related to stomach
  • It improves the semen counts of men.

Storage :

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid using a wet spoon to handle this product.
  • Place in an airtight container away from sunlight.
  • Comes in a convenient stand-up pouch.
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