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  • No Artificial Color
  • 100% Natural Dry red chilli
  • It’s used in chutneys, Non-veg,pickle,etc..
  • Rich source in vitamin C
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Description :

  • Dried Red Chilli is the dried fruit of a plant belonging to the Solanaceae family and is native to Central and South America.
  • Dried Red Chillies are pungent, hot, spicy and lends a medium heat and vibrant flavour to a dish.

Uses :

  • Dried Red Chilli is used in chutneys, curries,pickles.
  • It is widely used in Indian dishes
  • Red Chilli used in most spices

Benefits :

  • Red chilli Rich source of Vitamin C
  • Prevents heart ailments
  • clearing blockages in blood vessels and arteries

Storage :

  • stored chopped chillies with 30g salt and place in a sterilised glass jar
  • store in a cool, dry place for a couple of weeks before refrigerating.
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